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A sister Libre Service to ByName
Libre Internet Application Services for the Individual based on an Alias


The ByAlias Services are a complementary service to the ByName Services. In the case of the ByName Services, all user-specific elements of a user's account (domains, e-mail accounts, websites, etc.) are based on the user's name. Users are required to provide their real names for this purpose; ByName does not permit the use of pseudonyms and aliases. This reflects the spirit of openness and authenticity represented by the ByName service and its subscribers.

However, there are circumstances under which a user may wish to protect his or her true identity behind an alias. The ByAlias Services are available to support this requirement. ByAlias provides a comprehensive, well-integrated, and highly personalizable set of computing and communications services, while maintaining complete user confidentiality.

Although the ByAlias Services complement the ByName Services, there is no connection or linkage whatsoever between the two services. A user can maintain accounts with both services, but neither account can be traced to the other.

  • Integrated Support for Mobility. The ByAlias Services provide full support for mobile access, and integrate this coherently with other forms of access such as home, office and web-based usage.

  • Mobile Messaging Based on WhiteBerry. ByAlias provides mobile messaging based on the open WhiteBerry model.

  • Identity Protection Domain, E-Mail, Website, and Everything Else. ByAlias provides its subscribers with lots of e-mail addresses, a confidential website, and the other usual amenities. ByAlias also provides its users with a confidential, permanent and portable domain. ByAlias is based on the same organic growth model as ByName, and will continue to provide ever-increasing richness of functionality.

  • Pure Free & Open-Source Software. The ByAlias Services are implemented entirely in Free Software and Open-Source Software. They do not include a single line of proprietary code.

  • Reproduceable, Modifiable, Redistributable. The ByAlias Services are completely transparent: they may be freely copied, modified and redistributed. Anyone can reproduce and host the ByAlias services for themselves, and so become their own ASP. Everything required to re-create the entire ByAlias construct is available at the MailMeAnywhere software distribution site.
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